We are a trading company which mainly exports ornamental fish from Taiwan. Our warehouse is located in 10 minutes away from Kaohsiung International Airport which allows us to minimize the total transit time. Moreover, we can provide the direct shipments to CKS airport, so we have more sources of airlines than other company.

Well connected with fully stock and good quality suppliers; carefully handle and inspect live products to ensure any unfit appearing individuals are rejected immediately. We are very proud to have follow a strictly and completely quarantine process on every order.

By combining good filtration, stringent work disciplines and a structured feeding regime, we ensure that all live stocks attain peak condition while in its holding facility, and by the time the fish reach customers with fully acclimatized, and ready to adapt to their new aquarium environment.

To enhance the competitiveness, we started to sell the water plants that bred in Taiwan. Because we have all the good suppliers here, we definitely can provide healthy and many kinds of freshwater plants.

Our team is a professional group, we are all graduated from the Aquaculture Department with master's degrees, we have professional skills and techniques on breeding.


To be an exporting leader of Ornamental fish in Asia area.


To provide the lower cost to customers and to improve companies' value to create a win – win situation.
To increase the sales on breeding fish in order to reduce the capture on wild fish to balance the ecology.